Enabling Web Server

  1. Log on to QTS as administrator.
  2. Go to Control Panel > Applications > Web Server > Web Server.
  3. Select Enable Web Server.
  4. Optional: Configure the following settings.


    User Action

    Enable HTTP compression

    Select this option to improve transfer speeds and bandwidth utilization.

    Enable secure connection (HTTPS)

    Select this option to allow HTTPS connections.

    1. Select Enable secure connection (HTTPS).

    2. Select a TLS version.

    3. Specify a port number.

    4. Select Force secure connection (HTTPS) only to require all users to connect to the NAS using only HTTPS.

    Maximum number of clients

    Enter a maximum client number.


    A client number is the number of users that are allowed to connect to the server.

    Do not allow Web Server embedding in IFrames

    1. Select Do not allow Web Server embedding in IFrames.

    2. Optional: Add a website to allow Web Server embedding in IFrames.
      1. Click Allowed Websites.

        The Allowed Websites window appears.

      2. Click Add to add a website to the list.

        The Add Host Name window appears.

      3. Specify a host name.

      4. Click Add.

        The host name is added to the allowed websites list.

      5. Click Apply.

    Enable X-Content-Type-Options HTTP header

    Select this option to protect your device from attacks that exploit MIME sniffing vulnerabilities.

  5. Click Apply.

    To restore the default configuration settings at any time, under Maintenance, click Restore.

    QTS enables Web Sever.