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Go to "Control Panel" > "System Settings" > "Notification" to configure the notification functions of the NAS.


SMTP Server


The NAS supports email alert to inform the administrator of system errors and warning. To receive the alert by email, configure the SMTP server.

Select an email account: specify the type of email account you would like to use for email alerts.
SMTP Server: Enter the SMTP server name, for example, smtp.gmail.com.
Port Number: Enter the port number for the SMTP server. The default port number is 25.
Email: Enter email address of the alert recipient.
Username and Password: Enter the login information of the email account.
Secure connection: Choose SSL or TLS to ensure a secure connection between the NAS and SMTP server, or None based on your needs. It is advised to turn this function on if the SMTP server supports it.


SMSC Server


Configure the SMSC server settings to send SMS messages to the specified phone number(s) from the NAS. The default SMS service provider is Clickatell. You can add your own SMS service provider by selecting "Add SMS Provider" from the drop-down menu.


When "Add SMS service provider" is selected, enter the name of the SMS provider and the URL template text.


Note: The URL template text must follow the standard of the SMS service provider to receive the SMS alert properly.


Alert Notification


Select the type of instant alerts the NAS will send to the designated users when system events (warning/error) occur.

Alert Notification: Specify what actions to take when a system event occurs.
E-mail Notification Settings: Specify the email addresses (maximum 2) to receive instant system alert from the NAS.
SMS Notification Settings: Specify the cell phone numbers (maximum 2) to receive instant system alert from the NAS.


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