Enabling 2-step Verification

  1. Install an authenticator application on your mobile device.

    QTS supports the following applications:

    • Google Authenticator: Android, iOS, and BlackBerry

    • Authenticator: Windows Phone

  2. Verify that the system times of the NAS and mobile device are synchronized.

    QNAP recommends connecting to an NTP server to ensure that your NAS follows the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) standard.

  3. In QTS, go to Options > 2-step Verification.
  4. Click Get Started.

    The 2-step Verification window opens.

  5. Open the authenticator application on your mobile phone.
  6. Configure the application by scanning the QR code or specifying the security key displayed in the 2-step Verification window.
  7. In the 2-step Verification window, click Next.

    The Confirm your 2-step verification settings screen appears.

  8. Specify the security code generated by the authenticator application.
  9. Select an alternative verification method that will be used whenever your mobile device is inaccessible.
    • Answer a security question: Select one of the options or provide your own security question.

    • Email a security code: To use this method, go to Control Panel > Notification > Email and then verify that the SMTP server is correctly configured.

  10. Click Finish.