User Account Settings

Administrators can configure user account settings.






Change password

Old Password

This field is only available to admin accounts.


The password must contain 1 to 64 ASCII characters.

Verify Password

The password must match the previously specified password.

Show Password

When selected, QTS displays the specified password.


Edit Account Profile

Email (optional)

QTS sends a notfication to this email address when the account password is about to expire.

You must configure the following settings:

  • SMTP Server: Go to Control Panel > System > Notification > E-mail.

  • Change Password: Go to Control Panel > System > Security.

If the SMTP Server and Change Password are not configured, QTS does not use the information.

For details, see the QTS User Guide.

Phone number (optional)

The information is for your reference and is not used by QTS.

Description (optional):

The information is for your reference and is not used by QTS.

Disallow the user to change password

When selected, QTS prevents the user from changing the password.

Disable this account

When selected, the account can be disabled immediately or on a specified date.


When selected, QTS limits the amount of data that each user can store on the NAS.

To enable this feature, go to Main Menu > Control Panel > Privilege > Quota.


Edit User Group


User groups, along with user-level shared folder permissions, determine which shared folders the user will have access to.

QTS provides two default user groups.

  • Administrators: Users in this group can configure settings, create users, and install applications.

  • Everyone: Users in this group can only view or modify files.


Edit Shared Folder Permission


A shared folder can have any of the following access permissions.

  • RO (read-only): The user can read but not write files in the shared folder.

  • RW (read/write): The user can read and write files in the shared folder.

  • Deny: The user cannot read or write files in the shared folder.


Group-level permissions may override user-level permissions. For details, go to Conflicts in Shared Folder Permissions.


Edit Application Privilege


This button is not available to admin accounts because they have access to all applications.


QNAP recommends denying access to applications and network services that the user does not require.