Sharing a File with a NAS User

  1. Open File Station.
  2. Locate the file.
  3. Perform one of the following methods.



    Use the menu bar

    1. Select the file.

    2. Click Share.

    3. Select To NAS user.

    Use the context menu

    1. Right-click the file.

    2. Select Share and then select To NAS user.

    The Share window appears.

  4. Select one of the following options.



    Existing user

    Select a user from the list.

    Optional: Select Send a notification email to the user and then specify the email subject and message.

    New user

    Specify the following information.

    • User name

    • Password

    • Phone number (Optional)

    • Email (Optional)

  5. Optional: Click More settings and then specify the following.



    Link Name

    Type a name for the link or use the current file name.

    Domain name/IP

    Select the domain name or IP address.

    Show SSL in URL

    Select to use HTTPS.

    Expire in

    Specify the expiration date.


    Move the switch to the right and then type a password.

  6. Click Share Now.

    File Station shares the file with the specified user.