Getting Started

  1. Plan how you want to combine or divide the available storage space.

    For details, see Volume Configuration.

  2. Optional: Create one or more storage pools.

    Creating multiple volumes requires a storage pool. For details, see Storage Pools.

  3. Create one or more volumes.

    The NAS can store files only if at least one volume is created. For details, see Volumes.

  4. Create user accounts.

    QNAP recommends creating a user account for each person that requires access to the NAS. For details, see Users.

  5. Optional: Create user groups.

    User groups enable you easily manage user accounts. For details, see User Groups.

  6. Optional: Create shared folders.

    QTS creates four default shared folders. For details, see Shared Folders.

  7. Edit the shared folders permissions.

    Permissions enable you to control who can view and modify files in a shared folder. For details, see Editing Shared Folder Properties.

  8. Map the shared folders as network drives on your computer.

    For details, see Drive Mapping.

  9. Store and manage files.

    For details, see File Station.