Configuring Guaranteed Snapshot Space

Guaranteed snapshot space is storage pool space that is reserved for storing snapshots. Enabling this feature ensures that QTS always has sufficient space for taking new snapshots.


Space Available for Storing Snapshots


Free space in the storage pool


Guaranteed snapshot space until full, then free space in the storage pool

When all space available for snapshots is full, QTS deletes the oldest snapshots to create free space for new snapshots. If creating free space is not possible, new snapshots are not created.

  1. Go to Main Menu > Storage & Snapshots > Snapshot.
  2. Select a storage pool.
  3. Click Guaranteed Snapshot Space and then select Configure.
  4. Select Actions > Set Snapshot Reserved.
  5. Enable Guaranteed Snapshot Space
  6. Select a method for specifying the amount of space that will be reserved for snapshots.




    Select a percentage of the total storage pool space. The default value is 20%.


    Specify a fixed amount of storage pool space in gigabytes (GB).

  7. Click OK.

Guaranteed Snapshot Space appears in the Space Allocation section of the Snapshot screen.