Configuring a Global Hot Spare

A global spare disk acts as a hot spare for all RAID groups in a storage device such as a NAS or a connected expansion unit. In normal conditions, the disk is unused and does not store any data. When a disk in any RAID group fails, the hot spare disk automatically replaces the faulty disk. QTS copies the data to the spare disk in a process called RAID rebuilding.


Storage enclosures (the NAS and connected expansion units) cannot share global spare disks. A unique global hot spare disk must be assigned to each storage enclosure.

  1. Go to Main Menu > Storage & Snapshots > Storage/Snapshot.
  2. Verify that the NAS contains one or more available disks.
  3. Optional: Select a connected expansion unit.
  4. Select a free disk.
  5. Select Action > Set as Enclosure Spare.

    All data on the selected disk will be deleted.

    A confirmation message appears.

  6. Click OK.

The disk appears as a green Spare on the Disks/VJBOD screen.