Qboost is a system utility that monitors and enables you to manage memory consumption. It provides the following information:




User Actions


Free Memory

  • Memory that has not been allocated, is currently unused, and does not contain useful information

  • Expressed as a percentage of the total memory and the number of bytes

Click Optimize to clear the buffer memory (block level) and cache memory (file level).


Junk Files

  • Unnecessary system files and files in the Recycle Bin

  • Consume disk space and memory because they are not automatically deleted when no longer needed

  • Click Clear to permanently delete the specified files.

    By default, clicking Clear only deletes unnecessary system files, such as files that the operating system and applications create while performing certain tasks

  • Click to select other types of files to delete.

    Select Empty Recycle Bin to include files that were moved to the Recycle Bin by the currently active user.


Top 5 Applications by Memory Usage

Top five applications and services that consume the most memory

Click to display all applications and services that can be enabled and disabled from either the Control Panel or the App Center.

For details, see Application Management.