Configuring the SSD Cache

For details on compatible SSDs, see

  1. Go to Storage Manager > Storage > Cache Acceleration.
  2. Click Set SSD.

    The Set SSD window opens.

  3. Select the SSDs to be included in the cache.
  4. Optional: Enable RAM write cache protection (Write Log).

    When enabled, QES copies data from the RAM write cache to the SSD cache for additional data protection.

    • This feature is only available on TES and TDS series NAS models.

    • Enabling this feature requires an even number of SSDs.

    • If an SSD fails, QES automatically disables the write log.

  5. Click OK.

    A confirmation message appears.


    All data except for system partition data will be deleted.

  6. Click OK.

    The Set SSD window closes.

QES uses the selected drives as an SSD cache. If no SSDs are selected, QES disables the SSD cache.