QNAP Turbo NAS Software User Manual

Firmware Update

Firmware Update

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Firmware Update

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Update Firmware by Web Administration Page



Note: If the system is running properly, you do not need to update the firmware.


Before updating the system firmware, make sure the product model and firmware version are correct. Follow the steps below to update firmware:


1.Download the release notes of the firmware from the QNAP website http://www.qnap.com. Read the release notes carefully to make sure it is required to update the firmware.
2.Download the NAS firmware and unzip the IMG file to the computer.
3.Before updating the system firmware, back up all the disk data on the NAS to avoid any potential data loss during the system update.
4.Click “Browse” to select the correct firmware image for the system update. Click “Update System” to update the firmware.


The system update may take tens of seconds to several minutes to complete depending on the network connection status. Please wait patiently. The NAS will inform you when the system update has completed.


Update Firmware by Finder


The NAS firmware can be updated by the QNAP Finder. Select a NAS model and choose “Update Firmware” from the “Tools” menu.


Login the NAS as an administrator.


Browse and select the firmware for the NAS. Click “Start” to update the system.


Note: The NAS servers of the same model on the same LAN can be updated by the Finder at the same time. Administrator access is required for system update.


Live Update


Select “Enable live update” to allow the NAS to automatically check if a new firmware version is available for download from the Internet. If a new firmware is found, you will be notified after logging in the NAS as an administrator.


Click “CHECK FOR UPDATE” to check if any firmware update is available.


Note that the NAS must be connected to the Internet for these features to work.



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