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DLNA Media Server

DLNA Media Server

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DLNA Media Server

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To allow DLNA media players to access and play the multimedia contents on the NAS, enable this feature and click the link (http://NAS IP:9000/) to enter the configuration page of the DLNA Media Server.


Click the link http://NAS IP:9000/. Go to “TwonkyMedia Settings” > “Basic Setup” to configure the basic server settings.


The contents on the Qmultimedia or Multimedia folder of the NAS will be shared to the digital media players by default. You can go to “Basic Setup” > “Sharing” > “Content Locations” to change the folder or add more folders.


After configuring the settings, you can upload MP3, photos, or video files to the specified folders on the NAS.

Note: If you upload multimedia files to the default folder but the files are not shown on Media Player, click “Rescan content directories” or “Restart server” on the Media Server configuration page.


For the information of setting up the DLNA media server of the NAS for media playing, see here.


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